Monday, June 5, 2017

Angelina's First Bike

 “Angelina’s First Bike”

By, Angela Adame

Angelina and her brother are playing outside on their skateboards, her brother see’s their dad pull into the driveway and something is covered in the back of the truck. Look Angelina dad has something covered in the back of his truck. Wow what is it? I don’t know let’s go see, OK dad what do you have covered? Your sister’s first new bike, Angelina is so happy she can’t wait to ride it.
Dad took the bike down and Angelina loves the color baby blue and it’s all hers, but dad I don’t know how to ride it. I will show you let me adjust it first, her dad adjusted her bike, Angelina sat on it her dad told her to hold on a peddle as I push you turn the handle bars left and right when you want to turn left or right OK? OK dad.
Down the block they went Angelina having so much fun her brother waving at her. Angelina told her dad OK dad I can do it now she noticed that her dad was not behind her holding the bike, and she was doing it all by herself, wow I’m riding all by myself she turned around and rode back to her brother and dad.
She yell’s out I’m riding dad, yes I see you are baby girl be careful and stay on our block, ok dad, as weeks went by Angelina felt more confident in riding her bike that she took her brother for a ride and they had the funest adventures on her new bike. 

The End!

The Little Fox

The Little Fox

By, Angela Adame

Its a dark stormy night and the wind is blowing and the leaves are flying all over the place the little fox was curious. He is looking around nothing to see no one to see, it is dark he thinks he is the only one in the storm. Come back inside his mom yelled, I wish I had wings mom to fly with the wind.

Well if you stay out long enough you won't need wings the wind will carry you off now come back inside, aw mom.

All of a sudden he heard a screeching owl, what is that.? he said, then he heard a howling, what is that.? he said, then he heard a big roar, what is that.? he said, thunder shook the ground lightning lite up the forest and he saw all the other animals around him, thunder roared fierce again oh no he said as he turned around and darted back in his cave and under his covers, never to go out in the storm again.

The End.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Good Duck Bad Duck

Good Duck: Hello

Bad Duck: Has no respect, Quack Quack mover over.

Good Duck: May I please pass? Yes you may.

Bad Duck: He has no patience, move it Quack Quack.

Good Duck: Please take your time.

Bad Duck: I'm so popular who needs friends.

Good Duck: I'm happy to have many friends.

Bad Duck: Lonely, sad.

Good Duck: Happy Joyful.

Bad Duck: Starts being nice.

Good Duck: Let's be best friends?

Bad Duck: Ok, Hugs

Good Duck: Best friends forever.

Bad Duck: Good

The End!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Mr. Turtle & Mr. Hare

Mr. Turtle & Mr. Hare

By Angela Adame

Attention Going Out of Business Sale!

Mr. Turtle: Why are you in a hurry?

Mr. Hare: Because all the stuff will be gone, so move it.

Mr. Turtle: Takes his time and thinks of what he really needs to buy.

Mr. Hare:  Impossible I just rested for a few moments, and here you are.

Mr. Turtle: I told you take your time, now look at you your tired.

Mr. Hare:  Not me! Now move it..

Mr. Turtle:  Love's the scenery and takes it all in.

Mr. Hare:  Rested again, darn that turtle, who does he think he is?

Mr. Turtle:  Beep Beep, Move it.

Mr. Hare: What! No Way, huffing and puffing

Mr. Turtle: Has a big smile.

Mr. Hare:  Angry! Not this time.

Mr. Turtle:  Almost there, I'll take the short cut.

Mr. Hare:  Good I'll pass him, There's the store yippee I won.

Mr. Turtle:  Waits at the door, What took you?

Mr. Hare:  Noooo!

Mr. Turtle:  Let this be a lesson being in a hurry get's you nowhere fast?

The End!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Day at the Museum    Raw Writing no editing right out of my head.
By, Angela Adame

Thomas is so excited today his class is going to the animal museum. He sit's patiently at his desk as his teacher is calling roll. They all head out to the bus with their lunches in hand and ready to go. They all get on the bus and head to the museum WOW! he is looking at all the cars and homes and big buildings he's getting excited. The kids laughing and having fun in the bus,

Thomas starts to see animals along the drive he know's he's getting close to the museum all happy the kids start yelling Were here Were here! the teacher yells back Yes we are please sit down. The bus pulls into the parking lot and let's the kids out, Yippee Yippee all excitement everywhere. The teacher opens the door and they are met by the tour guide, Thomas is amazed by what he sees so many animals and some taller then the buildings he seen coming here, WOW echo's all through the first floor, the teacher puts the name tags on all her students.

Ok! said the tour guide let's get started, the tour guide explained the animals that are around them, Thomas seen a skeleton of a big animal but didn't know what it was, he raised his hand the tour guide said yes Thomas, What is that? and it has lots of bones. Well that is a dinosaur skeleton they walked the earth a long time ago. WOW all the kids said, we have many here that our archaeologist found and gave to are museum. This is so neat Thomas said yes Thomas the tour guide said with a smile.

Now let's move down to this side they saw the apes, tigers, bears, and lot's more skeletons Thomas is having the time of his life. It is time for lunch and they are all bummed to go but were very hungry, all excited and talking about what they saw inside laughing eating lunch. After lunch the teacher said of we are going to see the tar pits before we go home. Thomas loved the tar pits he is reading about them in his history book. The kids and teacher headed to the back and their they are the tar pits wow Thomas was so happy he knew they were here before he was and knew their might be treasures in side. 

It was time to go and all the kids were getting tired but had fun, specially Thomas this is one of his favorite days he was glad he went to school.  The End!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Oh No Rosie Looses Her Yarn Ball

Oh No! Rosie Looses Her Yarn Ball
BY Angela Adame

Rosie is frantic she lost her yarn ball and is looking all over her room and can't find it anywhere, Oh No! Where is my new yarn ball MEOW MEOW she led out cries.  Mama my yarn ball is missing. Well where did you play with it last? I think outside, ya that's it, Rosie runs outside looking all over for her yarn ball running in and out of bushes then climbing up trees.

Oh My! where can it be? MEOW MEOW. She heard a puppy barking next door she climbed a little higher and saw the puppy playing with her yarn ball. My yarn ball how did he get it? Hi Rosie, BUZZ BUZZ, Hi Billy, whatchya doing? Looking for my yarn ball and I see the puppy next door has it, not sure how it got there.

Oh, me and Hilda were playing with it last night I guess we accidentally dropped it, I'm sorry Rosie, that's OK, I guess he can keep it, he is having to much fun to take it away I'll share it.

Rosie learned a lesson that day, it's nice to share your toys with others that don't have any.

The End!   Audio only cold reading :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Jenna B

By, Angela Adame, Edited by Childrens Net

“Jenna B”
Jenna B moved to a new town. She was very sad that she had left her friends, especially her best friend. She was sitting in her room with all her books and toys, but with no friends to play with. Her mom saw how sad she was and said “Oh honey don’t worry, you will make new friends in your new school.”

“No one talks to new kids mom; I will never have a new best friend.” Her mom kissed her on the forehead. “Yes you will dear, you just wait and see.” Jenna B went to school but no one spoke to her all morning.  She sat all alone eating her lunch when she heard a soft voice say, “Hi.” “Are you talking to me?”
“Yes Silly, your new here aren’t you?” “Yes I’m Jenna B” “A unique name, I love it, I’m Lynn. Would you like to eat lunch with my friends and I?” Jenna B was so happy, she couldn’t believe it.  They all sat together eating there lunch and her new friends were full of questions, wanting to know all about her but she didn’t mind answering because she learned more about them.
Later that day she was walking home when Lynn caught up to her, “Hey, let’s walk home together; we live on the same block.” “Do we really?” “Yeah we do.” “Hey Lynn, do you want to come over and play for awhile?” “OK, but I have to ask my mom first.” “ok.”
They both said ‘hi’ to Jenna B’s mom and then headed to her room. Jenna’s mom had a contented smile on her face, as she had known it wouldn’t take Jenna long to find new friends. They played for awhile and then it was time for Lynn to go home.

She asked Jenna B, “Would you like to be best friends, I have never had one and we have a lot in common, like sisters.” Jenna B was so happy that her ma had been right. “Yes, let’s be best friends.” From that day on they became best friends just like sisters.