Friday, June 15, 2018

Rosie New Adventure The Musician

The Adventures Rosie the Kitten, 
Rosie the musician

By, Angela Adame

One day Rosie was jumping in the house with not a care in the world just having fun jumping jumping jumping. She then jumped right onto the piano making different sounds, PING, JING, TONG she loved it. This is so much fun ping ping ping.

Right before the afternoon she ran outside to get Bobby and Hilda quick you two come fly in here and check this out. The both looked at each other then flew into the house and into the living room. What is it Rosie? Said Hilda, I’m going to jump so don’t move now. Meow
She jumped right onto the piano making loud sounds so loud that it ruffled little Hilda’s feathers and Bobby let out a Big BUZZZZ. What is that?  said Bobby, it’s called a piano and I can play it. Oh please you’re a kitten, so don’t mean I can’t play, that’s cool.
Let me try said Bobby, he then landed on the key ever so softly and no noise came out, aw its broken no Rosie said, your too light.

Let me said Hilda, she flew hard and landed on the key and made a cute little sound BING, wow this is fun. Jump on Rosie said Hilda and will play something, ok.

Rosie jumped on the piano then Hilda jumped on tunes were coming out of the piano ZING, PING,, JING, GING, Bobby buzzed around BUZZING loud to add his own tunes BUZZ BUZZZZZZ BUZZY BUZZZZER. They all were having fun that afternoon till Rosie’s mom came in the living room and shut the piano flap, you all are driving me nuts go outside and play.
But mom were going to be musician’s not on my watch now go on, fine but not fair, go, ok. So the three went out to play, well it was fun while it lasted yeah it was they all laughed.
The End!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Next Day

The Galactic Sisters Series, Ch2
By, Angela Adame

It is the next day and Starr Bell, Floating Betty, Phoebe Blue, Electric Iris, Estella Luna are all in the garage aka lad.

 Starr Bell has a cute little bubble pet who whimpers when she needs to eat.

Ok, Bubble Atoma let me find your food stay put, as the rest of her friends continue to the science project. Talula woke up to a loud buzzing sound that vibrated her bed, and the whole house. Oh Great! Here we go, she jumped out of bed and peeked put the window only to see a few fiery comets fly by her face.
Wow! Where did they come from? Turning around only to see her cousins the Atomic Twins standing in her room. Hey cousin what are you doing today? And what is your sis doing now?  Hi Atomic Twins how did you get in? The door was wide open, oh geeze.

 Well I’m doing nothing seeing how it’s still a holiday, and trying to investigate what is Starr is doing.
Which is a new science project, oh this should be interesting, remember the last science project? Now how can I forget, we almost got blown up. Her teacher Miss Halley Tatania 

assigned them a new project and her partners in chaos are in the garage oh wait! Lab, as they all laughed.
All I know is I hear small BOOMS with vibrations following and yelling of ultra violet rays. Well let’s hang out and g o to the galaxy space mall, ok let me get ready, fearing to leave starr alone.
Oh! Is Electric Iris there? We just love her new hair style, yeah, it is beyond us but it works for her, laughing
As the three were leaving for the Galaxy Space Mall they felt the house vibrate again and and seen Phoebe Blue run outside yelling, 

Yes it disappeared then ran back inside. All three looked at each other Oh No! I wonder what disappeared Talula said.
What in the world can they have that disappeared? The Twins said. Let’s go Talula said I don’t want to know. Talula sat down to write in her diary.
Entry 2:
Woke up to vibration home and still wondering what my sister is up to. Although Phoebe Blue ran out saying it disappeared, I’m afraid even to as Starr at this point. I will tomorrow, and the mall scene today was a total bore I’m sure. But what can you do. At least the twins made it a fun day. Love em both crazy double trouble. Good Night.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A new day to invent

A new day to invent
By, Angela Adame

The day started out wonderful.

So Starr Bell dear sister what is in your book for today? Not much I have to meet up with friends to discuss our new science project it should be fun. What about you? Just hanging around today, just be safe out there and don’t blow anything up, Oh really, as she walked out closing the door.

Starr Bell met up with her funky friends and all discussed the science project, and finally came up with one that was going to be exciting to create.

All running to Starr Bells garage aka lab, they couldn’t wait to get started, Talula looking out the window seeing them running all excited in the garage knowing they are going to create something. Oh! Great, just what I need, please they better not blow us up.

After a while she couldn’t take it and had to listen at the door to hear what is going on, all of a sudden a small BOOM BOOM BOOM it went then followed by a loud buzzing sound that made her feet vibrate.

Oh! Dear what are they creating? She thought to herself. The day was ending and Starr Bell and her friends were still in the garage. Talula loves to keep a small daily diary of her happening each day.
Entry 1:

Dear Diary:

My sister starr bell is at it again and I’m not sure what she is making this time but I did sure hear loud noises and a boom that made my feet vibrate. I later asked her what happen and all she says is don’t worry sis it will be fine, fearing that I will be the Ginny pig. –Laughing- Good Night.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Two quirky sister's Talula and Starr Bell Series

The life of two quirky sisters Talula and StarrBell
By, Angela Adame

This story takes place on a small planet named Xpla a strange planet with odd looking inhabitance. This planet has two sisters who are totally opposite of each other. Talula the older sister which is more old fashion and loves that vintage feel with her favorite out of date clothes, with a older soul for the past, and more to herself than to surround herself with others.
Now there is Starr Bell the younger sister who is more spontaneous a go getter who loves to invent the coolest objects, and with a colorful head and out of this world clothing style, and who has a few friends who are like her.
One thing that Talula will never understand is why she is different although she loves her crazy sister dearly.

Let’s all sit back and see where and what the two sisters will get into or should I say Starr Bell. The End!

My character's are inspired by my favorite character's that of lisa simpson, hello kitty, betty book and Little Magical Art (youtube) her work just wakes me up and inspires me.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Tommy's First Plane Ride

Tommy’s First Plane Ride
By, Angela Adame

Oh! No, the day has come when tommy and his family are going on vacation and that means he has to get on a big plane. He never flew on a plane before he was so scared his mother told him that he will love it and have so much fun.
He looked at her with a little relief of safety. 

They boarded the plane and Tommy sat next to his mom while other family members sat in the back. The flight attendant knew it was his first flight so she asked him if he would like to meet the captain and co-piolet.

He got very excited and said yes please, he never seen inside of a cockpit. The stewardess walked tommy up front to meet the captain and his co-piolet, he asked them a few questions, and they also knew it was tommy’s first flight.
They gave him a small golden wing pin along with a fun card board toy airplane.  Tommy then went back to his seat all happy telling his family of the experience that he just had.

 He sat down and buckled up. As the plane started to take off, he looked out the window.
Noticing everything getting smaller and smaller till he was in the clouds, he loved it.

 His mother put his favorite movie on as he ate his lunch. Tommy loved flying so much that he couldn’t wait to go on another plane ride, and this time he will be ready for it.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Caterpillar and the Puppy

The Caterpillar and the Puppy
By, Angela Adame

One day the little puppy was playing outside his home and a playful caterpillar crawled on his tale. Hey let’s go to the small stream and see what we can do? Ok, let’s go.

The puppy ran to the park and to the small stream he took the caterpillar on his tale. They both were playing and having fun.

Can you climb a tree? No
Can you fly? No

Why? Because I am a puppy all I can do is Jump, and Swim, and Catch, Wow that is allot more than I can do until I turn into a Butterfly then I can fly. Wow cool. 

Yeah but you can do funner stuff to, yeah I guess in our own way were cool, they both laughed.

The little puppy took the caterpillar back home and they both played till night time, and became best friends forever.
The End!

The yellow frog goes flying

The Yellow Frog goes flying
By, Angela Adame

The yellow frog wanted to go for a fun ride so he jumped on a Big Grey eagles back and they took off to the sky. The yellow frog seen the top of mountains, trees, he even seen his pond that looked like a tiny drop of water.

He was so happy that he didn’t want to go back, the big grey eagle then did a fun flip in the air and the yellow frog fell off.

He was free falling until the grey eagle caught him to safety, the yellow frog loved it he thought he was flying. The grey eagle took him back home to his pond and waved good-bye.

The End!