Thursday, October 19, 2017


I would like to say that these are my own stories and not written by any other but myself. I do give permission to the ones that are going to edit or use them on there sites that are family friendly. 

If you would like to use my stories they are free for down load please use on family friendly sites only and education. 

Thank you

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus Loves Me
By, Angela Adame

Tiffany is a lonely little girl who loves to read books, one day she came upon a small book in her collection that the  tittle was “Jesus Loves Me”  she thought to herself “he really loves me?” she started to read the small book and smiled. 

She stopped half way and stared up to the sky hoping to see Jesus but nothing, she kept reading and came to a part that was written “get to know Jesus your savior” talk to him from your heart and have faith in him,. 

She thought about that and smiled WOW I can talk to Jesus anytime I want and don’t have to look up in the sky, only to my heart and faith and he will listen to me, smiling.

She kept reading the book until she finished, putting the little book down she has so many questions to ask Jesus she didn’t know where to start. So she knelled down and began to pray in faith asking her Father many questions. In reading the book she knew she had to be patience in waiting for her answers.

She finished praying and with a smile, faith, patience she continued about her day, playing in her room listening to the birds sing of joy. She couldn’t wait to share her little book with her family and friends.
The End!

John:  3:16

For Elohim so loved the world that he gave his only brought fourth son so that everyone believes in him should not parish but possess everlasting life.

Rosie's Fun Day At The Park

Fun Day At The Park
By, Angela Adame

A few days later Rosie and her two friends Bobby and Hilda embark on another fun adventure. Hi Rose, Hi you two, let’s go play at the park? OK, the three went off to the park, when they got there they seen a little puppy crying. 

They went up to the puppy and asked what is wrong, he said no one wants to play with me because I’m a baby.
Will play with you Hilda said flying around his nose, “WOW” what do you want to play? Let’s play tag. That sounds fun the puppy said bark bark, when they finished playing tag, Rosie, Bobby, Hilda took the little puppy home. Bye guys thank you for playing with me.

OK, have to play again soon Rosie said, OK, the puppy said, bark, bark. And he waved good bye. The three headed home to rest Rosie,  Hilda yelled out let’s go on another fun adventure and see who we meet tomorrow? OK, Hilda, Rosie said. Meow, Meow

The End!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Little Green Leaf

Little Green Leaf, By Angela Adame

The little green leaf flew to the other side of the street and came crashing into the yellow grass, the wind picked up and the little green leaf flew up the high tree, she rested up the big tree until suddenly a gust of wind picked up again and she flew showing no signs of stopping.

  She finally flew down along the fields and landing on top of a cows head, the cow shook his head and the  little green leaf flew off and swooped down only to rest on a big rock, "Phew" she took a deep breath, now that was a wild ride.

She closed her eyes and it took her a few minutes to fall asleep.

The End

I enjoy writing for toddlers and elementary years of children, I like to imagine myself in a kids state as I write:)

Writing for Kids Book

Books I came upon for Writing for kids

I took a trip to my local library and ran into these few books that are great for writers block and very helpful in writing your stories. I do suggest these books if you are a first time into writing for kids, even if your not all the tips and reading are a great source for you bettering yourself in your writings.

  I hope that these finds will help you as they are helping me along my way in to writing for kids.

1. I like this one it explains great detail on your layouts and characters awesome book. Writing for kids

2. This one gives out fun ideas to try and use that imagination of yours. Writing for children.

3. This one is pretty cool it explains the description of the author and the illustrator one of my favorites, it made me understand more of how long a good story takes to be created into a wonderful book. What do authors and illustrators do?

Monday, June 5, 2017

Angelina's First Bike

 “Angelina’s First Bike”

By, Angela Adame

Angelina and her brother are playing outside on their skateboards, her brother see’s their dad pull into the driveway and something is covered in the back of the truck. Look Angelina dad has something covered in the back of his truck. Wow what is it? I don’t know let’s go see, OK dad what do you have covered? Your sister’s first new bike, Angelina is so happy she can’t wait to ride it.
Dad took the bike down and Angelina loves the color baby blue and it’s all hers, but dad I don’t know how to ride it. I will show you let me adjust it first, her dad adjusted her bike, Angelina sat on it her dad told her to hold on a peddle as I push you turn the handle bars left and right when you want to turn left or right OK? OK dad.
Down the block they went Angelina having so much fun her brother waving at her. Angelina told her dad OK dad I can do it now she noticed that her dad was not behind her holding the bike, and she was doing it all by herself, wow I’m riding all by myself she turned around and rode back to her brother and dad.
She yell’s out I’m riding dad, yes I see you are baby girl be careful and stay on our block, ok dad, as weeks went by Angelina felt more confident in riding her bike that she took her brother for a ride and they had the funest adventures on her new bike. 

The End!

The Little Fox

The Little Fox

By, Angela Adame

Its a dark stormy night and the wind is blowing and the leaves are flying all over the place the little fox was curious. He is looking around nothing to see no one to see, it is dark he thinks he is the only one in the storm. Come back inside his mom yelled, I wish I had wings mom to fly with the wind.

Well if you stay out long enough you won't need wings the wind will carry you off now come back inside, aw mom.

All of a sudden he heard a screeching owl, what is that.? he said, then he heard a howling, what is that.? he said, then he heard a big roar, what is that.? he said, thunder shook the ground lightning lite up the forest and he saw all the other animals around him, thunder roared fierce again oh no he said as he turned around and darted back in his cave and under his covers, never to go out in the storm again.

The End.